Why Employers Need It

With workplace parties, joking and laughing,  no one “ever” thinks about lawsuits until someone is passed up for promotion, laid off, terminated, or has that “workplace indiscretion,” then all those fun days can easily turn into: sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination even outrageous settlements and lawsuits. And that’s why employers need The Glasshouse Report “Lawsuit Firewall” software.

  • Early Warning System

    The Glasshouse Report’s cloud based software alerts HR/Management instantly about workplace discrimination, harassment, bullying, wage/ hour, injury, safety issues, or sex and gender issues.  This notification gives management the opportunity to deal with problems proactively before they spiral out of control.

  • Paper Trail

    The Glasshouse Report creates a digital paper trail on each employee’s work experience.  This report shows if they’ve had any personal workplace issues, or if they’ve witnessed any coworker incidents they’d like to report. Not witnessing any incidents is very important.  It helps in preventing employees coming back to haunt you after termination.

  • Empowers Employees

    To protect them and is less intimidating than a face-to-face meeting with management.  In most states, an employer can reduce or eliminate a plaintiff/employee’s damage if it shows it had a workable complaint procedure. Federal Law likewise rewards an effective complaint procedure.

  • Avoiding Litigation

    The key to avoiding litigation is documentation.  Most employment attorneys say the fatal flaw in almost all workplace litigation is the lack of a detailed paper trail, from the initiation of an incident to its resolution.  The Glasshouse Report eliminates that fatal flaw.

    In cases involving harassment, an employer cannot avoid liability through a head-in-the-sand approach. Liability is often imposed upon the employer, based on its employees’ conduct, even when the employer claims it was unaware of the conduct.