How It Works


The Glasshouse Report sends a message every week to each employee, reminding them to fill out the Yes / No report that takes about 60 seconds.

Topics are: 1. Job Satisfaction  2. Harassment and Discrimination  3. Wage & Hour Issues; 4. Workplace Injuries; and 5. Safety Concerns.


If an employee reports a problem, The Glasshouse Report emails and texts the designated Manager, allowing them to address the issue immediately.


All employee reports are encrypted and stored indefinitely by The Glasshouse Report on cloud based secure servers. No data remains on the employer’s premises.


If there is a dispute, Management can retrieve all past and current employees’ reports from The Glasshouse Report software at any time. This is an encrypted digital paper trail on every employee, past and present.

“I would not think of running a business without the Glasshouse Report being part of our infrastructure. Employees are protected by the Glasshouse Report and the company is protected by offering the Glasshouse Report. The Glasshouse Report is user friendly, quick and easy to use. Best business decision we made was to install the Glasshouse Report.

We had one employee who left our company and filed a lawsuit against us, but this was quickly dismissed when we produced several years of GlassHouse reports filed by our employee.”

Karen Synesiou

Director/CFO, Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc

Helps Prevent, Reduce, and Eliminate Employee Lawsuits in the following areas of your business:

  • Helps Prevent and Reduce Sexual Harassment in your Business
  • Helps Prevent and Reduce Discrimination in your Business
  • Helps Prevent and Reduce Wage Hour Issues
  • Helps Prevent and Reduce Workplace Injury and Safety Issues

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