Case Examples

These real-life cases may have been prevented with our Software.

$20M Settlement
Sexual Harassment

$32.5M Settlement
Racial Discrimination

$3.4M Verdict
Racial Discrimination

$4.6M verdict
Wage & Hour Violations

$5.2M verdict
Racial Harassment

$95M Verdict
Sexual Harassment

$5.4M Verdict
Sexual Harassment

$18M Verdict against Dr. Pepper
Age Discrimination

The Glasshouse Report Software helps you Prevent and Get Ahead of the Problems like Sexual
Harassment, Discrimination, Wage & Hour violations, Worker’s Comp Claims, and Safety concerns.

“The Glass House Report is an essential tool for any business. This program has created a platform to protect employers from fraudulent reporting while also providing employees a platform for safe reporting. The Glasshouse Report has saved First Rate Staffing more than we can quantify. I highly recommend this product to any business owner or HR professional!”

Devon Galpin

President / COO, First Rate Staffing

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