Promote a Desirable Workplace and Prevent Employee Lawsuits 

Each week every employee in your Company completes a brief, and very important, questionnaire. The topics are Job Satisfaction, Workplace Engagement, Harassment, Discrimination, Wage & Hour, and Workplace Injury and Safety. If the employee has no concerns to report, it takes less than 60 seconds to complete.

Promote a Desirable Workplace and Prevent Employee Lawsuits with… Instant Notification on a Complaint
If an employee submits a complaint, the designated manager at your Company receives instant notification by email and/or text. This allows the manager to immediately address and diffuse the issue and prevent it from going any further. Management records all actions in the employee’s digital case file.

Promote a Desirable Workplace and Prevent Employee Lawsuits with… Automatic Reminders to Submit Reports
The Glasshouse Report automatically sends a weekly reminder email to each employee, informing them that their report is due. The designated manager is notified if an employee has not reported, allowing management to follow up until the report is submitted. The risk of employee lawsuits is dramatically reduced.

Promote a Desirable Workplace and Prevent Employee Lawsuits with… an Encrypted Paper Trail
The Glasshouse Report stores all records in an encrypted format, making a digital paper trail of reports available if and when needed. This digital paper trail is invaluable if a workplace conflict should arise. Management can access this information for review at any time. All reports on all past and present employees are kept in encrypted servers indefinitely.

Why Employees love the software...
  • Empowers employees with an easy, regular way to report any workplace concerns that arise, as they arise
  • Creates a “neighborhood watch” atmosphere, where employees look out for each other, reporting issues they witness as well as those they experience themselves
  • Reporting is unintimidating, as reports can be completed in private rather than in a face-to-face meeting with management.
  • Breathes fresh air into the workplace by eliminating misconduct, and creating a more productive, positive and uplifting work environment.
Why Companies love the software...
  • Alerts Management immediately of all workplace issues.
  • Helps prevent employee lawsuits on Harassment, Discrimination, Violence, Wage & Hour Issues, Workplace Injury, and Safety Issues by getting ahead of the problems.
  • Maintains a secure, long-term digital paper trail of all reports, on all employees, past and present.
What the software does...
  • Helps Prevent and Reduce Sexual Harassment in your Business
  • Helps Prevent and Reduce Discrimination in your workplace
  • Helps Prevent and Reduce Wage Hour Issues
  • Helps Prevent and Reduce Workplace Injury and Safety Issues

“The Glasshouse Report is amazing! It provides a great platform that our employees can use to report any incidents that occurred as well as concerns that they may have. The user interface is simple and easy to use for both the employee and employer side. Highly recommend!”

Karena Im

HR Lead, Sureco Health & Life

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