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What is The Glasshouse Report?

In a Nutshell…

The Glasshouse Report is a patented, simple, yet powerful paperless software system, designed to prevent employee lawsuits. The defense of a lawsuit is largely dependent on the paper trail concerning the dispute. An incomplete or missing paper trail weakens your defense, leaving you susceptible to—he-said she-said lies, or less-than-accurate memories.

What we know from experience, is that, with the exception of The Glasshouse Report customers—companies do not have an automatic, biometric weekly reporting system informing them of the most serious workplace incidents for every employee.

The Glasshouse Report does just that: it provides you with the security of a weekly, indisputable, biometrically authenticated paper trail for every employee.

If an employee later decides to sue… you have proof that the incidents being alleged, did NOT happen and were NOT reported at the times they allegedly occurred.

Or, if an incident is reported, you and your (HR department) will be immediately notified by The Glasshouse Report, allowing you to proactively handle the potential problem, and avoid costly litigation.

Why Biometrics?

Because Passwords can be Compromised


Our Biometric Fingerprint Reader validates the identity of each Employee’s Weekly Report, and creates an irrefutable, documented paper trail which, in the case of a dispute, will be essential in the defense of your position.


Dollar amount the Legal System costs the United States annually.*


Dollar amount America wastes each year from excessive litigation*

*Jackpot Justice